The Giant Sparkly

The Adventures of Button Boy and Pearl Girl

Episode 1: The Giant Sparkly

By the ten-year-old who still lives inside Christine Haggerty

One day, Button Boy and Pearl Girl were flying through the skies on their giant pet crow named Rapunzel.

Button Boy saw something shiny winking in the sun in the fields below.

“What is that?” he pointed.

Pearl Girl looked down. The shiny thing sparkled in a cluster of trees. “I don’t know, but I bet it’s pretty. Let’s go down and see what it is.”

Rapunzel the Crow heard them and spread her wings in a long spiral down to the ground near the trees. When she landed, Button Boy and Pearl Girl hopped down to the grass and peered into the trees. Whatever was in there looked like a thousand diamonds catching the light, even in the shade.

Skipping through the bushes at the edge of the trees, Pearl Girl discovered that the thing they had seen from Rapunzel’s back was indeed a giant jewel.

Button Boy skipped up beside her. “Wow!”

Pearl Girl blinked her little button-hole eyes. “It’s such a pretty giant sparkly!”

She looked behind her. Outside of the trees, Rapunzel squawked and preened her shiny black feathers.

“Rapunzel!” Pearl Girl yelled. “Do you think we can take this pretty giant sparkly back to Buttonville with us? I want to keep it.”

“Bwaaaak,” Rapunzel squawked.

“She said ‘yes’!” Button Boy clapped his hands and jumped up and down in excitement.

Pearl Girl smiled. “I shall call it Pretty Giant Sparkly, and it shall be mine.”


Button Boy looked from the giant sparkly to Rapunzel. Bushes and tree trunks spattered the way between the gem and the bird.

“How are we going to get the sparkly over to Rapunzel?” he frowned. He didn’t have a very big button brain.

Pearl Girl shrugged her round button shoulders. This part was the easy part. “We’ll kick it like a ball.”

“Okay!” Button Boy clapped again. He liked to clap. Clapping was fun and expressed exactly how he felt.

Button Boy liked to kick almost as much as he liked to clap, so he walked around to the other side of the giant sparkly and kicked it with his button foot. The sparkly changed colors while it rolled between some bushes. When it stopped rolling, it was pink.

Something in Pearl Girl’s button belly told her that the sparkly shouldn’t be changing colors because that meant that it was probably an evil magical giant sparkly and she and Button Boy should run far, far away on their little button toes.

“Oh, well.” Pearl Girl completely ignored her instincts and kicked the sparkly out of the trees. This time when it stopped rolling, it was purple.

Rapunzel squawked and gobbled up the evil giant sparkly in her giant crow beak. Her eyes turned evil purple and her squawk turned even more annoying like an evil fire engine siren.

When Button Boy and Pearl Girl came out of the trees on their little button feet, Rapunzel gobbled them up, too.

The End


I needed to to something to remind myself that writing can just be pure fun. Channeling my inner ten-year-old. If you’re looking for a point in any of this, you’re not going to find one.

Write on!

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