Zombie Button Boy and Zombie Pearl Girl

The Adventures of Button Boy and Pearl Girl

Episode 2: Zombie Button Boy and Zombie Pearl Girl

By the ten-year-old who still lives inside Christine Haggerty

After several hours, Rapunzel the crow pooped out the evil giant sparkly. She also pooped out Button Boy and Pearl Girl.

Button Boy and Pearl Girl were now zombie button people. They were hungry. They tried to eat the evil giant sparkly, which was now a bright blue, but it tasted like bird poop and diamonds and they wanted to eat other button people.

Zombie Pearl Girl ate Zombie Button Boy’s zombie button fingers. They didn’t taste very good so she spit them out.

Zombie Button Boy tried to eat Zombie Pearl Girl’s zombie button feet, but she kicked him when he tried to bite them.

“We need to go to Buttonville and eat our family and friends. They are still real button people and will taste better than an evil giant sparkly that our crow pooped out and better than eating each other’s zombie button body parts that our crow also pooped out.” Zombie Pearl Girl said. The last part got a little awkward when she had to talk about herself being pooped out of a crow. She didn’t know that zombie button girls could still have awkward moments when talking about their bodies.


“Argh!” Zombie Button Boy agreed and stomped off in a jilted walk toward Buttonville.

Zombie Pearl Girl followed her brother through the fields where they had been flying when they found the evil giant sparkly. Their home town of Buttonville sat nestled in a valley surrounded by green rolling hills and clusters of trees. It was beautiful, like something on a postcard.

“Yum-my!” Zombie Button Boy growled as he stepped down from the last rolling hill into the hospital parking lot.

When they walked in the doors, a nice button lady receptionist greeted them with a warm smile and lollipops. Zombie Button Boy ate her. He burped.

Zombie Pearl Girl ate a button nurse in scrubs decorated with motorcycles. He tasted like oranges and latex gloves.

Zombie Button Boy and Zombie Pearl Girl ate everyone in the hospital. After drinking all of the button blood in the button blood bank, they lay on the floor of the button hospital cafeteria with their round zombie button bellies and smacked their lips.

“Where should we go next?” Zombie Pearl Girl asked Zombie Button Boy. Because they were zombies and they were always, ALWAYS hungry.

Zombie Button Boy stood on his little zombie button legs and headed toward the door. “Argh!”

The End

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