Zombie Button Boy wanted to turn back into regular Button Boy just like Zombie Pearl Girl had turned back into regular Pearl Girl. He had seen her on the deck of her apartment with the Giant Sparkly while he had been in the park eating squirrels.

Somewhere in his little zombiefied button heart, he missed his button sister.

He knocked on Pearl Girl’s apartment door. Well, he meant to just knock, but it was hard to control his button muscles as a zombie, so it sounded more like an elephant stomping on a volcano. The whole button building shook.

“Go away!” Pearl Girl screamed.

“Aarrggh!” Zombie Button Boy growled. He meant to say, “I miss you. Will you let me in and turn me back into regular Button Boy with your pretty Giant Sparkly?” It didn’t quite come out like that.

“I don’t want to talk to you!” Pearl Girl screamed back. “I am happy in my apartment with my Giant Sparkly and my popcorn and my movies!”

“Please?!” Zombie Button Boy begged rather loudly. It came out as another, “Aarrggh!”

He heard Pearl Girl check the locks on the door.

Damnit! His little zombie button brain was not translating what he wanted to say. He’d have to try something else.

But Zombie Button Boy was hungry, so first he went back down to the park and found some more squirrels and ate them. He was grateful they were stupid enough for his slow zombie button brain and his awkward zombie button muscles to catch them with a few peanuts. He remembered that he used to like eating peanuts, but they didn’t taste good on his zombie tongue. Maybe he would like peanuts again when Pearl Girl and her pretty Giant Sparkly turned him back into regular Button Boy.

He sighed a zombie button sigh and searched through his zombie button brain for a way to get Pearl Girl to understand that he didn’t want to eat her. He chewed on a squirrel, feeling sorry for himself.

Zombie Button Boy didn’t hear Rapunzel the giant crow until she landed in the park next to him with a heavy thump.

“Oh, hi, Rapunzel,” Zombie Button Boy grumbled around the squirrel head in his mouth. It came out as “Aarggrrhrhhrghargh.”

“Squawk!” Rapunzel answered back.

Zombie Button Boy smiled. The giant crow understood his zombie speech! “Aarrggh!”



“Squawk!” Rapunzel nudged him with her black beak. A little too hard.

Zombie Button Boy rolled across the park into some bushes, losing the remaining half of his squirrel. He slowly stretched to his zombie button feet and lumbered across the park to give Rapunzel a zombie hug.

“Squawk!” Rapunzel insisted.

A giant grin spread across Zombie Button Boy’s zombie button face. Of course! Rapunzel was the best giant crow ever and understood everything he said AND she had the perfect idea for getting Pearl Girl to understand him.

Zombie Button Boy could write Pearl Girl a note!

He lumbered across Thread Avenue to the corner pharmacy. The doors had been smashed through when Zombie Button Boy and Zombie Pearl Girl had gone through Buttonville and eaten all the law-abiding button people, so Zombie Button Boy walked right in across the broken glass and found the stationary aisle.

“Aarrggh!” He knocked all the notebooks onto the floor when he tried to grab one with his zombie button fingers.

“Squawk!” Rapunzel shouted through the door. As a giant crow, she couldn’t fit into the little corner pharmacy, so she squawked at Zombie Button Boy from the sidewalk along Thread Street.

Posterboard! Of course! Zombie Button Boy pinched a few of them in his zombie button fingers, grabbed the fattest marker he could find in the aisle, and lumbered back out to Thread Street. He dropped three pieces of poster board (apparently the pharmacy had forgotten to stock up before they were eaten) on the asphalt and chewed the lid off the fat marker.

One piece of poster board blew away. Rapunzel snapped the other two down on the pavement with her giant black claw.

Now Zombie Button Boy was more certain than ever that Rapunzel was the best giant crow in the whole button world.

“Aarrggh!” he thanked her and poured his button heart out on those two white pieces of poster board. Zombie Button Boy wrote to Pearl Girl how much he missed being her button brother and button friend. He wrote that he wanted to be regular Button Boy again so they could go on more adventures together, so would she please share the pretty Giant Sparkly and turn him back into himself so that he wouldn’t eat her?

When he was finished writing, Zombie Button Boy threw the marker down the street and stepped back to admire his work. He had scribbled various enthusiastic versions of ‘Aarrggh!’ around the shape of Rapunzel’s giant crow claws.


“Squawk!” Rapunzel cawed.

Another amazing idea! Zombie Button Boy squeezed the poster board in his button fingers and lumbered up onto Rapunzel’s back. She flew him up to Pearl Girl’s deck.

“Aarrggh!” Zombie Button Boy slid down to the deck floor and held the poster boards up against the sliding glass doors.

Inside her apartment, Pearl Girl hugged the Giant Sparkly, a very terrified expression on her pearly button face.

She screamed.

“Aarrggh!” Zombie Button Boy screamed back, then pressed the poster board against the glass hard enough to shatter it. He stumbled into Pearl Girl’s living room.

She screamed louder and wrapped her pearly button arms around the Giant Sparkly on the couch.

“Aarrggh!” Zombie Button Boy lumbered over to the couch to give his button sister a great zombie hug. Instead, he bit her button hand off.

Oops. He hadn’t meant to do that.

Pearl Girl ran around her apartment screaming, holding the Giant Sparkly close to her with her other button arm.

Zombie Button Boy chewed on Pearl Girl’s hand, ready to give up.

Rapunzel squawked.


Of course! Zombie Button Boy pulled Pearl Girls half-chewed button hand out of his mouth and used it to write on the wall in button blood. Me nO be ZomBee jieNt SparKleeeeeeee.

Pearl Girl, in a sudden point-of-view shift, suddenly understood what her zombified button brother had been after all along. Zombie Button Boy had wanted the pretty Giant Sparkly to turn him back into regular Button Boy just like the Giant Sparkly had turned her back into regular Pearl Girl!

And she wanted nothing more than to have her regular button brother back so they could go on being best friends and having adventures with their giant pet crow Rapunzel.

Pearl Girl gave the Giant Sparkly to her zombie button brother. Zombie Button Boy smiled a zombie button smile while the Giant Sparkly turned pink, then green, then blue, then purple. In a flash of light, Zombie Button Boy turned back into regular Button Boy and gave his button sister a big button hug.


Pearl Girl gasped.

“Just kidding,” Button Boy said. “I won’t utter that syllable ever again! Now let’s go to the hospital and find a new pearly button hand to sew on to your pearly button arm.”

“Squawk!” Rapunzel agreed.

The End

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