Poetry Poker 1-8-16

It was Poetry Poker day in my classroom. Here’s what I scripted.

Mixed Decks Deal: aggravate, sling, mischievous, snout, overwhelm

Heartbeats aggravate

Measurements of screaming time

That overwhelm gratification

And tie my hands

In a sling of waiting and wanting

And wanting and waiting

The mischievousness of emotion

Rearing its ugly impulsive snout


Mixed Decks Deal: object, flushed, persuasion, believe, treehouse


She flushed crimson

My beauty, my belief

The object of my persuasion

The beat of my blood

Drawn to her pale perfection

Her body on the treehouse floor

Her blood dripping below


Mixed Decks Deal: hero, stomp, confusion, pride, pretend


I’m not a hero

My cape in tatters

And my pride on the mend

Both torn by my failure to pretend

Sorry to confuse you

I should have lied again

I know my honesty betrays you

Stomping out your hope with pain


Brass (Title Deal)

They sing of hearts

Made of silver and gold

Perhaps they sing of souls, too,

But ever those made of iron and steel

Are worth more in passing

Than my half-soul

Made of brass

Steal and deal and write your own version of the poem in the comments. Share!

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