Thanks, D. James, for the nomination! D. James and I go back to a creative commons project that was pretty fun.

The rules are:

  1. Link back to the person who tagged you. (That would be D. James Fortescue tagged in my opening line.)
  2. Answer all 11 of their questions.
  3. Nominate 11 bloggers with fewer than 1000 followers (here’s the twist).
  4. Ask those bloggers 11 questions.

Now for the great questions from D. James:

  1. As you are all awesome authors, what stories of yours are currently available for people to procure? The best thing you can for any author is follow them on Goodreads, Amazon, or subscribe to their newsletter for the best deals on their books.

The Grimm Chronicles Final CoverThe Grimm Chronicles is a series of dark fairy tale novellas. I will complete the first volume of five this year. (Going straight back to work on them after this blog post :).) I am also in several anthologies. My first series, a YA dystopian named The Plague Legacy, is currently under renovation.



3 (1)My latest release is a rockin’ guide on writing fight scenes, Dojo to Page: Write Fight Scenes. It’s basic and practical and starting out with some great reviews. I will be featured on the blog of LK Scott with an extensive interview in April 2016. Pick up your copy!




2. What exciting things are going on in your portion of the world? In my portion of the world, the most exciting thing happening is that it’s spring! Lots of rain and green and flowers getting started. Here’s a picture of the view from my deck.


3. Do you prefer your fermented beverages grain- or grape-based? I like a little of everything now and then, but my favorite drink is Grey Goose and cranberry.

4. What currently unavailable works are you currently working upon? I am currently working on the next Grimm Chronicles fairy tale. This one is about Tom Thumb’s sister.

5. Who’s your sports team of choice? I live close enough to make it to an occasional Jazz basketball game. Love live events!

6. Dream holiday location? I want to visit just about everywhere at some point. Sunshine and beaches help.

7. Your feelings on the current status of the USA Presidential Nominations? Somewhat nauseated.

8. If you could start your own religion, who/what would be its figurehead? Love!

9. Favorite style of house? I’m partial to a craftsman style house, but my husband and I are just beginning renovations on a small modern farmhouse. We’re downsizing, so it’s like our own version of a tiny home.

10. I couldn’t figure it out. What DID the fox say? Foxes make a sound called gekking. To translate from the gekking, they are all saying that song is the worst to be released in a decade.

Here’s my twist. For my nominations, I am sharing with you the social media of eleven great authors who deserve a little attention.

  1. Jen Greyson writes sexy sci-fi and fantasy. She just released the third book of her Tesla’s Time Travelers series, Stormfront. Check out her Amazon author page.
  2. Angela Hartley writes paranormal romance and horror. She’s a walking encyclopedia when it comes to sociopaths and psychopaths.
  3. Paul Genesse is the man to check out if you like anything about fantasy, dragons, or mythological horror. He’s also just simply fabulous.
  4. Paul R. Davis is another of my favorite authors/human beings who started out on this crazy blog and author journey with me. His first published work, Drowning the Sands of G’desh, just released earlier this year.
  5. Joshua Robertson is another of our creative commons friends who runs Crimson Edge Press and writes his own dark fantasy. You MUST check out his website.
  6. J.C. Boyd has co-written with Joshua Robertson and just released his own solo title, Strong-Armed.
  7. Maxwell Alexander Drake is one of my fellow Authors Combat Academy presenters and a great author who is always juggling a million and one projects. He also runs the site
  8. Steve Diamond has a longstanding reputation as the lead guro of Elitist Book Reviews. He writes horror and released his first YA horror title, Residue, last year.
  9. Candace Thomas is becoming a go-to name in YA epic fantasy. She is gearing up to release the third and final book of her Vivatera series, Everstar.
  10. Adrienne Monson is another author gearing up to finish a series. Do you like vampires? I mean the real blood-sucking kind? Then she’s your gal.
  11. David J. West has been a great sport who helped me film fight scenes for this year’s Authors Combat Academy. He writes dark fantasy and horror and knows everything about Greek mythology.

Alright, class dismissed! You may all get on your electronic devices and check out these great people!

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