Button Boy Meets Skeletor

Button Boy couldn’t find an ostrich. He discovered that the ostrich he had seen walking down Thread Avenue past the button trees had been an illusion brought on by trying to live off button squirrel food.

He sat on the sidewalk on his little button bottom and thought. And thought and thought and thought. How could he become an ostrich? He needed to find one.

“I know!” Button Boy jumped to his little button feet. “I’ll go to the Buttonville Zoo! They MUST have an ostrich at the zoo!”

He walked west along Thread Avenue, the street empty since he and Pearl Girl had eaten all the people in Buttonville while they had been Zombie Button Boy and Zombie Pearl Girl. But the Giant Sparkly had turned them back into a regular button boy and girl with pretty colors and glittery love.

Sigh. Being the only button boy in Buttonville was getting very lonely. Especially since he had failed to become a squirrel.

The button zoo sat atop a hill along the west edge of Buttonville. A pair of button monkeys swung on the tall zoo gates.

“Hello,” Button Boy waved his button hand. “Could you help me find an ostrich.”

The button monkeys screeched and swung around on the gate bars.

Button Boy, being fluent in button monkey, translated their screeching and swinging to say, ‘We will take you to our leader.”

“After you take me to your leader, can you help me find an ostrich?” Button Boy asked politely in his best button voice.

The button monkeys screeched again and opened the gates. Button Boy wasn’t sure what they said that time—something about feathers and oranges, or maybe oranges covered in feathers—but he followed them in through the gates. Button animals ran loose everywhere.

A rhinoceros narrowly missed gouging Button Boy with his button horn. Button Boy jumped behind a button bench and hid until the hippo following the rhinoceros had run past.

Whew! Button Boy wiped the sweat from his button face and ran to catch up with the monkeys. They hopped around the polar bear enclosure and pointed inside.

Their leader! Button Boy was excited because after he met their leader, they would take him to meet an ostrich. He walked inside the polar bear cave and blinked his little button eyes until he could make out a person sitting on a giant chair.

Well, sort of a person. Certainly not a button person. This guy was nothing but bones.

The monkeys screeched.

The man of bones stood, towering over Button Boy. “I am Skeletor!” his voice boomed through the cave. He picked up a giant sword and sliced right through Button Boy.

Button Boy shattered into several button pieces. Inside his button head, in his little button brain, he wondered how he would get to see an ostrich.

The End

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