A Midnight Poe-etic

By Christine Haggerty
August 2016

My darkness soars on raven’s wings,
black and slick with dreaming,
while an equine rides on Hell’s vast tides,
and the demons follow, screaming.
–screaming while I’m dreaming on the shores
of Hell’s vast tides.

The goblin king of shadowed things
flies down on scales, creeping.
“Here, my child,” he says with a smile,
his arm outstretched and reaching.
–reaching while I’m creeping from the goblin
king’s vain smile.

“Be my queen,” growls the goblin king,
red claws alive and gleaming,
“I’ll gift you lies and boiling skies
and a tower for your keeping.”
–a tower for my keeping beneath the goblin
king’s dark skies.

I meet his eyes with wounded pride,
my feathers soiled and seeping.
“No goblin bride, but Queen I’ll be,
the jewel of Hell’s dark dreaming.”
–soiled and dreaming, feathers seeping, still Hell’s
dark Queen I’ll be.

Sharp teeth spread wide reflect Hell’s tide,
and he grasps at me, sneering.
“Such a pretty thing with broken wings;
I’ll take you, cold and fearing.”
–fear sharply sneering at my pretty
broken wings.

Hell’s equine ride and his nightmare bride
pound the edge of midnight, steaming.
I spread my wings for the goblin king,
each feather black and gleaming.
–steaming blackened wings spread before the
goblin king.

“Sweet foolish soul, my goblin king,
I’ll not cower from your sneering,
For darkened things with broken wings
Strengthen fiercely in Hell’s keeping.”
–and the king’s sneering cowers before my
darkened wings.

I beat my wings against Hell’s sky
And his nightmare bride flees screaming.
Black shadows churn where ravens fly
and my demons rise from dreaming.
–nightmares flee screaming where my demon
shadows fly.

For my wings are made of burning lies,
Each vane cruel-black and gleaming.
Deep hatred feeds each sharpened shaft,
love’s deconstruction slick and bleeding.
–black vanes gleaming while deconstruction
bleeds the shaft.

I soar through Hell on raven’s wings
The Queen of death and dreaming.
My nightmare rides on blood-fed tides
And my demons follow, screaming.
–screaming while I’m dreaming on Hell’s bloodied
nightmare tides.


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