Do you ever lie?

You know, those little white lies? The lies meant to keep you out of trouble or to keep you from hurting someone’s feelings?

Harmless, right?

Lucas lies, little white lies just to get out of trouble. He lies to his friends. He lies to himself. He lies to the substitute teacher about why he doesn’t have his homework done. But when his lies start to come true, he ends up in an orphanage for liars with a lurching butler and a demon headmaster

After he discovers that the headmaster plans to release an army of soul-sucking shadow creatures, Lucas recruits his new friends to stop him. Can Lucas lie his way out of this one without losing his soul?


“Creepy, funny, and heartwarming all at once. This middle grade horror is like Pinnochio meets the Adams Family.” Candace J. Thomas, author of Vivatera

“It’s rare to find a middle-grade horror as fun and terrifying as Lucas and the House of Lies by Christine Haggerty. Fast-paced and bone-chillingly-clever, it’s a thrilling read.” Michael Jensen, co-author of Woven

Check it out!

2 thoughts on “Do you ever lie?

  1. Hi Christine, I read this story chapter by chapter some time question is: is this an expanded version? I enjoyed reading it and hope it does well. Hope all is well with you. Michael Caudle

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