Simple Magic Free Ebook

Like to read? Like free books? Here’s a free novelette that’s part of a prequel series for Dark Daughter. Originally released in the Missing Pieces Gen Con anthology for 2016, this is the first of four stories which will release each August. Click on the photo, download in your preferred format, and read!

Pearl Girl’s Weekly Borderline Breakdown

Pearl Girl loved the Giant Sparkly more than she had ever loved anything in her entire life. She watched television with he/she/it, took baths with he/she/it, sat out on her high rise condominium patio and watched sunsets with he/she/it. Pearl Girl especially liked to look at the pretty Giant Sparkly. Well, she liked to look … More Pearl Girl’s Weekly Borderline Breakdown

A Midnight Poe-etic

By Christine Haggerty August 2016 My darkness soars on raven’s wings, black and slick with dreaming, while an equine rides on Hell’s vast tides, and the demons follow, screaming. –screaming while I’m dreaming on the shores of Hell’s vast tides. The goblin king of shadowed things flies down on scales, creeping. “Here, my child,” he … More A Midnight Poe-etic

Missing Pieces

I have a smashing story, “The Mortality Strain” in this year’s Gen Con anthology, Missing Pieces. If you’re going to be at Gen Con 2016, YOU HAVE TO COME SEE ME FOR A SIGNED COPY! I’ll be hanging out with Imagined Interprises, Inc. and playing True Dungeon and doing all cool things. It’s my first … More Missing Pieces

The Giant Sparkly

The Adventures of Button Boy and Pearl Girl Episode 1: The Giant Sparkly By the ten-year-old who still lives inside Christine Haggerty One day, Button Boy and Pearl Girl were flying through the skies on their giant pet crow named Rapunzel. Button Boy saw something shiny winking in the sun in the fields below. “What … More The Giant Sparkly