Dark Daughter

Originally this story was part of a larger project that just didn’t steer the way it needed to. I am continuing my thread here on my blog one sweet post at a time.

The Mortality Strain Prequels

1–Dark Daughter
3–Blind Moon
8–Tamasii Cho
9–The Other
10–Sempai and Kohei
11–Kamatari’s Darkness
12–Host of the Goddess
13–For Fighting
14–The Tailor and the Thief
16–Soul Slave

10 thoughts on “Dark Daughter

    1. The Justice League or the XMen. I stood around in a used video game store at the mall yesterday when I took my son birthday/school shopping and felt like I needed to catch up on years of screen time to understand some of the terminology of those other guys. I’m good giving it my background, though, which is very classic lit and epic fantasy. I LOVE YOUR SKETCHES, though. I can only draw butterflies.

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