Heaven and Chains

Poetry Poker deal from a few weeks back. Found this in my backpack on a piece of scratch paper and pulled out my cards. Play along! Write your own version and share it in the comments or link to your own social media. Think Poetry Poker might be cool? Buy decks on Etsy.

Devil Grins

I found a counterpart sort of on Instagram for a little poetry play. Check out the words of @romeowrites. When the Devil grins,   light bleeds in,  Blinding and unholy.  I pack my sins  With my own sweet grin And find my darkness Waiting for me.   

Darkness and Light

I do not fear my darkness; My nightmares are old, old friends who dance while the devil plays lullabies and carves poetry into my soul. No, I do not fear my darkness. What I fear is the light where the sun erases verses and I reach for my words in that silence, so unknown and … More Darkness and Light

Terrible Beauty

Yesterday I burned, my soul a secret, vibrant storm, dangerous and electric. But today I am a darker beast, all stretch marks and scars and thinking, drowning in my own sharp and terrible beauty. Christine Haggerty