Do you ever lie?

You know, those little white lies? The lies meant to keep you out of trouble or to keep you from hurting someone’s feelings? Harmless, right? Lucas lies, little white lies just to get out of trouble. He lies to his friends. He lies to himself. He lies to the substitute teacher about why he doesn’t … More Do you ever lie?

A Midnight Poe-etic

By Christine Haggerty August 2016 My darkness soars on raven’s wings, black and slick with dreaming, while an equine rides on Hell’s vast tides, and the demons follow, screaming. –screaming while I’m dreaming on the shores of Hell’s vast tides. The goblin king of shadowed things flies down on scales, creeping. “Here, my child,” he … More A Midnight Poe-etic

Missing Pieces

I have a smashing story, “The Mortality Strain” in this year’s Gen Con anthology, Missing Pieces. If you’re going to be at Gen Con 2016, YOU HAVE TO COME SEE ME FOR A SIGNED COPY! I’ll be hanging out with Imagined Interprises, Inc. and playing True Dungeon and doing all cool things. It’s my first … More Missing Pieces