Do you ever lie?

You know, those little white lies? The lies meant to keep you out of trouble or to keep you from hurting someone’s feelings? Harmless, right? Lucas lies, little white lies just to get out of trouble. He lies to his friends. He lies to himself. He lies to the substitute teacher about why he doesn’t … More Do you ever lie?

Strong Armed

Fellow Crimson Edge author J.C. Boyd has a new short story. Part of the Thrice Nine Legends world, shared with Joshua Robertson, Strong Armed brings the world of the centaurs to life. Strong Armed Releases Today! Balvoc had always earned his bread with blood on his hands. But when he is forced to protect an … More Strong Armed


We should compose long, angsty songs about the process of writing and create our own music video channel so that we can show the world what is really going on in our basements. The world should know what it looks like to draft and butcher revise and reconstruct and then finally polish and release. The … More Sequel—icious