Deal: above, snap, strain, slam, creep Buy Poetry Poker decks on Etsy! Write your own poem using this deal and post it in the comments!

Poetry Poker 1-8-16

It was Poetry Poker day in my classroom. Here’s what I scripted. Mixed Decks Deal: aggravate, sling, mischievous, snout, overwhelm Heartbeats aggravate Measurements of screaming time That overwhelm gratification And tie my hands In a sling of waiting and wanting And wanting and waiting The mischievousness of emotion Rearing its ugly impulsive snout   Mixed … More Poetry Poker 1-8-16


Poetry Poker Deal Mixed Decks: gaze, long, fantasy, heaven, grasp I grasp at the effervescence of stars for a fantasy of flesh and bone something scaled and heavy with a heart of fire and a bed of brimstone an eternal and magic soul that will remember nothing of me when I’m gone but gaze below … More Heaven