Write Fight Scenes

Here you go. I put my big girl pants on and wrote an official guide on writing fight scenes. It’s quick and dirty and useful. And I know what I’m talking about. Buy it here. Share this epic release with all your friends.

Poetry Poker 1-8-16

It was Poetry Poker day in my classroom. Here’s what I scripted. Mixed Decks Deal: aggravate, sling, mischievous, snout, overwhelm Heartbeats aggravate Measurements of screaming time That overwhelm gratification And tie my hands In a sling of waiting and wanting And wanting and waiting The mischievousness of emotion Rearing its ugly impulsive snout   Mixed … More Poetry Poker 1-8-16

The Giant Sparkly

The Adventures of Button Boy and Pearl Girl Episode 1: The Giant Sparkly By the ten-year-old who still lives inside Christine Haggerty One day, Button Boy and Pearl Girl were flying through the skies on their giant pet crow named Rapunzel. Button Boy saw something shiny winking in the sun in the fields below. “What … More The Giant Sparkly